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The Basic Health Package #1 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only

The Basic Health Package #1 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only


This consists of a basic health regiment that is the foundation of our packages.

We offer what we call out total health package. What this consist of is assisting a person in many different levels of their health and healing such as, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual health.  In our understanding spiritual do not mean religious. Spiritual is beyond any religious philosophy but deals with the unseen divine powers of creation. It can work right along with anyone’s belief system however. Some people would need the entire package and some will not. It all depends on the persons health situation.

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The package includes:

Digestacure- Autoimmune X - Internal Cleansing Oxyflush:

Digestacure- Autoimmune X:

The Autoimmune X will work to heal over 100 auto-immune diseases which many time is  the main cause of your illness and various other conditions. Clearing up these auto immune issues along with a good internal cleansing of the bowels is key and paramount to good health and well being!

Internal Cleansing Oxyflush

Perfectly formulated to be absolutely the best home supplement colon and body cell detoxifier and cleanser support!

70% of Your Body's Immune Defense Is In Your Intestine. Do you want lots of Nature's Oxygen in the intestines that your body can use to keep itself nice and clean and full of natural aerobic probiotics? Of course you do, but be careful.
The most important thing I can tell you is that if your preferred choice of colon cleanser does not have lots and lots of ACTIVE oxygen and ozone in it, then you still do not yet understand the amazing benefits available to you with the cleansing action of active oxygen!

Get it ALL out. Super OxyFlush is especially useful, not for just the colon, but ALL your cells and essential. Unlike other simple products, we know the stomach, small intestine, and colon (all three) must be clean for proper elimination of the toxins coming from the rest of the body.

Not diarrhea, and don't worry. Although the oxygen liquefies the waste, YOU control how liquid it gets, and there is no weakness with Super OxyFlush. Outdated cleansers like magnesia pull salts from the blood to cause a flushing in the colon. Your blood needs those salts. The body uses SUPER OxyFlush delivered Active Oxygen not only to clean the blood and digestive organs, but the small intestine, the large intestine, and the colon as part of your body's natural life process.

It does so by simply flooding the body fluids with ACTIVE forms of oxygen. The body uses active oxygen to oxidize its impacted fecal matter. This means the the body combines extra active oxygen with, and removes the hydrogen bonds in the toxins & stools, turning them into liquid waste. There is no big electrolyte loss as with the other cleansers or illness.


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