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Mind Over Illusion

Mind Over Illusion


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This book has two parts to it and is very timely especially in the trying times we are living in now. It is a book for the entire world that addresses issues of great importance to everyone’s well-being physically mentally, spiritually and financially. It takes the understanding of manifestation well beyond what the blockbuster success “The Secret” speaks about. Mushaba clearly explains the core reason why people lives are not like they wish them to be as well as what to do about it to change your life to that of what your heart desires. He explains the importance of your thinking and how your thinking can either free you or enslave you to life’s success or life’s failures. The information, advice and direction offered in this book are very clear and thorough. Mushaba goes even further as he explains how to give your ego a new job description and a promotion which is an amazing concept that allows you to communicate with your ego and get it to work with you and not against you. Mushaba addresses the issues of fear and its destructive forces that destroys your life and how to overcome it, the power of attachment and how it can cause great pain and suffering if you don’t let them go and also offers sage wisdom as how to accomplish these necessary undertakings. The discussion on the power of right thought is very refreshing and has a real power of understanding that could change your life for the better. This is a book that everyone could use in their lives no matter your station or position in life. It is not about those who are successful and those who are not, it is about understanding your truth and your power to spread your wings and fly without limitations that are placed upon us as well as what we place upon ourselves. This book can assist you in your freedom and empowerment! In part 2 of the book of Mind over Illusion which is called: Perception Beyond Illusion- The Nature of Creating Your Personal Reality, This Book takes the understanding of what you gained from Mind over illusion to much greater heights and levels of wisdom. Mushaba pulls no punches here and explains it like it is and how your perception is what controls the outcome of your reality! The level of understanding here is not what is normally available or known in mainstream society. It is truly mind opening information and the understanding of very vital subjects like Emotions-Thought, Frequency which must be understood to have mastery of your life. Other subjects like Love, judgment, grace, service and what is truth, brings phenomenal wisdom and awareness. It is something that will elevate your consciousness and your life because after mind over illusion assist you in understanding how the great and awesome power of your thinking gives you control over your life and destiny, perception beyond illusion assist you in becoming out of the matrix of illusion and living that destiny in a way that brings you great and unlimited promise and potential!


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