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Total Intermediate Health Package # 2 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only

Total Intermediate Health Package # 2 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only


This consists of a basic health regiment that is the foundation of our packages.

We offer what we call out total health package. What this consist of is assisting a person in many different levels of their health and healing such as, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual health.  In our understanding spiritual do not mean religious. Spiritual is beyond any religious philosophy but deals with the unseen divine powers of creation. It can work right along with anyone’s belief system however. Some people would need the entire package and some will not. It all depends on the persons health situation.

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Intermediate Health Package #2:

Digestacure- Autoimmune X - Internal Cleansing Oxyflush

Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil-1000mg softgels, 90 ct

(Modere)  Mineral Supplements

Organic Red Beet Crystals

In addition to the above:

Green Drink Powder

Contains a large variety of healthy super foods, extracts and concentrates including super greens, vegetables, fruits, probiotics, soluble and insoluble fibers, herbs, spices, natural flavonoids, enzymes and lecithin. Each scoop of Greens FIRST is proven to have the antioxidant power of more than 10 servings of fresh fruits and vegetables!

HELPS TO MAINTAIN A BALANCED BODY ACIDITY/ALKALINITY. Most people are too acid and this contributes to inflammatory and various other disease states. Fruits and vegetables help to decrease overall body acidity. The pH of GreensFirst as a liquid is just on the acid side of 7. This helps to acidify the colon via its probiotics, prebiotics and soluble fiber, thus enhancing gastrointestinal calcium intake. Calcium is a systemically alkalizing mineral. Greens First is also rich in alkaline enhancing minerals, especially Potassium because of all the greens in it. GreensFirst is particularly alkalizing when taken with calcium enriched orange juice, though the citric acid is acidifying as pertains to the upper alimentary canal and the stomach juices. To move the pH to a noticeably more alkaline state, GreensFirst may be taken several times a day, along with 1/2 gram doses of coral calcium each time, combined with a diet low in animal proteins and grains.

The phytonutrients, like chlorophyll, are important in Phase 1 and 2 detoxification in the liver which neutralizes many otherwise harmful metabolic acids.


To increase energy naturally without stimulants

Reduce appetite

Improve metabolism

Relieve stiff & achy joints

Maintain healthy bones

Maintain healthy skin & hair

Improve mental acuity

Relieve indigestion & heartburn

Improve Digestion

Boost the Immune System

Alkalize and Balance pH

Support Normal Blood Sugar

Assist Weight Management



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