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CBD Oil – 1000 mg 1oz/30ml Tincture(CBD)(MCT)

CBD Oil – 1000 mg 1oz/30ml Tincture(CBD)(MCT)

$120.00 $110.00

Ingredients: Hemp Derived Cannabidiol (CBD), Medium Chain Triglyceride MCT Oil

Why do we choose to formulate with MCT (Medium Chain Triglyceride/Coconut) oil?
Coconut oil has many benefits to humans and animal alike. Not only is it an excellent source of fatty acids, coconut oil is known for its anti-microbial, anti-viral, and anti-bacterial properties and helps extend the shelf life and purity of the CBD tincture.
MCT oil is more readily bioavailable and metabolized by the liver and has a faster absorption time than oils that need to go to the small intestines before being absorbed.




Recommended best quality shelf life is 1 year, keep cool, dry and out of sunlight.

**Our tinctures are formulated for humans; however, it is easily applied to your pets favorite treats, and can be applied by rubbing on the ears.

Just two ingredients: hemp-derived Cannabidiol and MCT oil. That’s all that’s in this incredibly pure CBD tincture, an all-natural product for people who prefer to dose CBD in oral drops.This CBD oil tincture also includes MCT oil, providing the perfect complement of both taste and nutritional benefit to your daily CBD dose. When it comes to your daily CBD intake, it doesn’t get much easier than a few drops of OneLife CBD tincture under the tongue. It’s an ideal way to administer a potent, extra-absorbent dose of full-spectrum CBD oil that’s full of beneficial amino acids, terpenes, and cannabinoids. We’ve blended our CBD hemp oil drops with MCT oil, making this tincture an excellent way to promote a healthy metabolism while you’re absorbing all the beneficial compounds from the CBD oil. Derived from coconuts, MCT oil essentially helps you absorb and retain the nutrients from everything you eat and drink. By ingesting MCT oil along with your CBD tincture, you’re improving your body’s chances of using every bit of nutritional goodness from the CBD itself, this making it more bioavailable.




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