Total Advanced Health Package # 2 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only

Total Advanced Health Package # 2 – Shipping Included in U.S.A Only


This consists of a basic health regiment that is the foundation of our packages.

We offer what we call out total health package. What this consist of is assisting a person in many different levels of their health and healing such as, physical, mental, emotional, psychological and even spiritual health.  In our understanding spiritual do not mean religious. Spiritual is beyond any religious philosophy but deals with the unseen divine powers of creation. It can work right along with anyone’s belief system however. Some people would need the entire package and some will not. It all depends on the persons health situation.

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Advanced Health Package #2: Digestacure- Autoimmune X - Internal Cleansing Program- Wild Sockeye Salmon Oil-1000mg softgels, 90 ct,(Modere)  Mineral Supplements, Organic Red Beet Crystals, Virgin Coconut Oil Softgels and Green Drink Powder, Eggshell Membrane, 500 mg, NascAtomic™ Iodine 1/2 oz

In addition to the above:

Liposomal Vitamin C:

  • Incorporates phospholipidsto help protect the vitamin C and aid in the formation of liposomes in the stomach.*
  • Liposomes form in the body,surrounding some of the vitamin C molecules, for higher-bioavailability potential and protection against occasional intestinal discomfort.*
  • Provides higher bioavailabilitythan traditional oral vitamin C.
  • Includes a sunflower lecithin emulsifier, thereby totally avoiding a soy-based one.
  • Delivers vitamin C in a high-quality, tightly-sealed Licaps capsulethat may be superior to other oral delivery systems in terms of leakage protection.*
  • Comes from a world-leading quality manufacturerwith over a century of experience and innovative delivery technologies.
  • Provides a more practical and effective wayto complement your diet with vitamin C than traditional oral C.



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